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Kakumei City

(The Final Revolution)

Final Revolution -- A Final Fantasy AU RPG
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Kakumei City
A city that never sleeps. Here, the stores and bars are almost always open, and the sound of music flows through the air every night. There are lights hanging from the poles that align the street, and cobble stone streets where people can walk freely without having to worry about cars. Kakumei City has long proved to be industrious, and full of adventure to anyone who visits it. It's the certain mystique that attracts thousands upon thousands of people there. The characters of Final Fantasy VI-X2 will live in Kakumei City, a part of the 8 main districts. It is a rich city, filled with character... now all you have to do is survive in it...


Kakumei City
-x- District I ( Winhill )
-x- District II ( Balamb )
-x- District III ( Midgar )
-x- District IV ( Alexandria )
-x- District V ( Wutai )
-x- District VI ( Dollet Island )
-x- District VII ( Kilika Bay )
-x- District VIII ( Downtown Kakumei )


The Rules
The rules are simple, but must be followed. You have a cool Mod, so don't be afraid to ask me any questions what-so-ever. ^_^; APPLICATION STATUS:: OPEN! APPLY HERE: KAKUMEI__OOC!

[1] A character journal is required.
[2] No godmoding. It's not right, just don't do it.
[3] You may have up to three characters, however only do it if you can honestly handle three.
[4] Character journals are where your character records their thoughts on previous RPGs, or just in general.
[5] The community is where you post your RPG. Please use a cut-tag when doing the actual RPG.
[6] To continue the RPG (from 5) post comments underneith said RPG.
[7] RESPECT is key. Respect the mods, respect your fellow players.
[8] Character's personalities may be changed to your liking, after all, it is an AU.
[9] You must be a member of Kakumei__OOC.
[10] If you need to drop your character, you must announce it in the OOC community.



Hi there. ^_^; My name is Emily, and I've decided to start this RPG. I'm very friendly and easy to talk to, and if you need to get in touch with me at any point, here's how you can:

AIM -- Jibrielle7 or GlassMemory
Email -- PandaPancakes7@hotmail.com

** If you are interested in becoming a moderator, just email me and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. <3 **



-OOC Journal: (not required)
-Contact Info:

-Character's Age:
-Character's Journal:
-Character's Grade:
-Character's Occupation:
-Love Interest:
-Living conditions (what district, house or apartment, etc):
-Any other info:




Cloud Strife
Mun: Elena
Mun journal: --
Character journal: notmyday_
AIM: --
Email: FlawedBliss@yahoo.com

Tifa Lockheart
Mun: Elena
Mun journal: --
Character journal: finalheavenx
AIM: --
Email: FlawedBliss@yahoo.com

Reno Sinhart
Mun: Sydney
Mun Journal: pilfergil
Character Journal: redturk
AIM: SayAdieu
Email: songstress_yuna_2@hotmail.com

Aeris Gainsborough
Mun: Velvy
Mun Journal: velvy
Character Journal: aeris_hearts
AIM: PinkChineseBuns (OOC) // Healing Cetra (IC)
Email: CasemianBlossom@cox.net

Rinoa Heartilly
Mun: Emily // Moderator
Mun Journal: _flyingsnow
Character Journal: miss_heartilly
AIM: Jibrielle7 (OOC) // Glassmemory (IC)
Email: PandaPancakes7@hotmail.com

Quistis Trepe
Mun: Emily // Moderator
Mun Journal: _flyingsnow
Character Journal: savethequeen_
AIM: Jibrielle7 (OOC)
Email: PandaPancakes7@hotmail.com

Selphie Tilmitt
Mun: Amber
Mun Journal: __dagger__
Character Journal: t_selphie_t
Email: the_sorceress_rinoa@hotmail.com

Squall Leonhart
Mun: Elena
Mun journal: --
Character journal: _silentapathy
AIM: --
Email: FlawedBliss@yahoo.com

[ FFIX ]

Garnet Til Alexandros
Mun: Velvy
Mun journal: velvy
Character journal: garnet_memoirs
AIM: PinkChineseBuns (OOC) // Canary Caged (IC)

[ Custom ]
Zane Almasy
Mun: Edi
Mun Journal: surlyedi
Character Journal: zane_
AIM: SurlyEdi
Email: ZaneArumashi@aol.com