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Beyond the walls

Garnet leaned her head outside of the bathroom window. "Of all places..." She muttered, straddling the window still and landing softly on the ledge just outside.

She remained as silent as the grave outside as she balanced on the ledge, holding onto the few protruding bricks against the wall. She tiptoed to the side, not looking down. She swallowed, hoping to reach metal shute soon. No turning back.

Reaching out with one hand, she grasped the shute, and with the other she leveled herself against the wall, until she gripped the shute firmly with both hands. She winced. Here goes! She lifted a foot off the ledge and immediately began to slip down the shute some. But she halted quickly skidding along the wall with her other foot. She sighed with relief and made her way slow and steady until she touched the ground.

"Hey, did you hear that?" A male voice cried.

Garnet gasped slightly and rushed into the bushes. She watched tentatively as the guards approached the bushes. They lingered for a moment, and then head back the way they came.

Garnet breathed out shakily. Gotta get out of here. She zipped past the front garden, and to the great wall. "Why does mother have to be so overprotective?" She hated climbing, and with a great sigh she hoisted herself onto a branch, moving slowly up the trunk until she reached the top of the wall. In the distance she saw the mansion, lights were flickering on. She knew what that meant, it meant that they probably discovered she was gone. She dropped down to the ground, suddenly finding herself in unfamiliar territory. She was outside of the walls though, and that was good. She began to stroll the streets of Alexandria, among the paupers, beggers, concubines, and street performers. There had to be an Inn, a potential home, somewhere.

"I'm making this along as I go," She reminded herself as she waltzed through the streets, lined with lampposts. The further along she got, the more brightly colored lights she encountered. She reached a point where she could tell downtown was no longer far away, and lo and behold it was right around the corner.

Garnet shivered and pulled her hood back slightly. "Wow!" So many people, places, lights. Is it always this vibrant at night? She wondered. Downtown was a spectacle of a sight indeed. She took in a big whiff of air, and could pick up the scent of strange foods. The streets were alive and bursting with culture.

"Hey! A theater!" She exclaimed. As much as she wanted to continue oggling at the city, sampling all the exotic places, she had to keep her feet moving. She would get no where with her feet planted firmly in one place.
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