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At Valefor Bar

(( OOC: Alright, time for the first one. More of an introductory kinda thing. ))

Rinoa pressed her finger down on the smooth counter in front of her. From the corner of her dark chocolate eyes, she watched as her cup was refilled for the first time that night. She wasn't really sure why she was out to drink tonight, perhaps it was the fact that she was growing lonely in her stuffy apartment. Angelo was great company, but sometimes (and very rarely) she felt the need of human contact. It was a rare thing, but still needed on occasion. Staring at the fingerprint that she left on the clean surface of the wooden bar, she almost glared at it, wondering why it wasn't disappearing or fading into the wood. The bar was new, the wood was new. It likely wasn't going away for a while.

With a light sigh, she tilted back her head as she downed her second drink of the night. A simple shot, nothing she couldn't handle. She smiled to herself as Angelo wove inbetween her bare legs, brushing up against them repetively. It was her sign that she too wanted attention. Reaching down to pet the animal, she noticed the looks that she was getting by some of the customers. They were most likely drunk, and she didn't care about their opinion. Digging into her black purse (which she swore had a black hole in it...) she began the tedious search for a little dog treat for her beloved Angelo. When finally finding it along one of the bottom corners, she gave it to the dog with haste, hoping it would keep her occupied for a little while.

Fingering through the thin pieces of her onyx shaded hair, she uncrossed and then crossed her legs again on the stool on which she had been sitting for the past half hour. There wasn't really anyone that was sparking her interest there, and she wondered why she had even bothered to stay after the first drink, anyway. "Maybe I should just leave..." she muttered, tracing the shot glass with her fingernail, obviously looking bored.
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