Reno Sinhart (redturk) wrote in finalrevolution,
Reno Sinhart

Another day, another murder

{Ooc: Nufufufu, intro posteh for our oh-so-favorite Turky Reno!! *dances*}

Reno yawned the ring tone of his mobile echoing throughout his head, his mako poisoned optics opening ever so slightly. On the turks chest laid a woman(typical...), blonde, blue eyes and a set of long legs. Heh. The sunlight that was seeping through the curtains making her hair glitter, Reno snorted slightly moving the woman off his chest so he was able to reach the mobile which was sitting on a wooden beside table.

"I'm gonna kill him..." he muttered darkly thinking it was Tseng, muttering he picked the phone and answered it, "What..." Reno's mako poisoned eyes narrowed as he slipped his uniform on, the same wrinkled white shirt, the blue blazer and pants. Yep it was the start of another day. "What the fuck?.." there was no answer on the other end, for the love of Hera, just his day to be woken up by some moron who decides to prank him.

Hanging up Reno placed the phone in his pocket walking out of the bedroom, in search for his smokes. It didn't take long for the Turk to find what he was looking for, taking one out he lit it and took a long drag, a grin finding it's way onto his features, Much better.

"Reeennnooo! going so soon babe?" called the blonde from the bedroom.

"Do me a favor and go home before I shoot your brains out..." Reno muttered, the sounds of shuffling feet could be heard, gathering of clothes and then the door to his apartment opening and shutting again. "Heh...that gets rid of 'em"

Letting the cigarette hang limply in the corner of his mouth, he grabbed his EMR, strapped it to his waist as well as a two of his guns also strapped them to his waist. "Better start heading to the office...but take your time" Reno mumbled to himself grabbing the keys and walking out, locking the apartment after himself.
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