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The beginning of a long, dragging day.

OOC: No need to try and interact with this first part [the part above the stars]... in fact, that would be weird if anyone did. >>; Anyway, I just put it there as a starter, sort of like a prologue. Bet you can't tell I like to write. Hehe.

(I still feel like hell...) Squall rubbed his forehead as he woke up to the sunlight trying to fight its way through his bedroom window's blinds. His sinuses were clear now, but he still felt the grip the cold virus still had around his lungs. He coughed once, rather quietly since he was just waking up. Slowly, he got out of bed and trodded his way over to his dresser, where he rummaged through the drawers in his half-asleep state. What he pulled out was no different than what he wore any other day — clothes that were mostly black, or dark at the least. Squall didn't own a single article of clothing that was bright-coloured. His jeans for today were dark blue, and his t-shirt was black with a small red logo adorning the middle of his chest. He was beginning to wake up now; he could feel it as he pulled on his clothing. After he had finished dressing, he made his way to the kitchenette, where he took no time thinking about breakfast. In an almost robot-like fashion, he reached into the cupboard, grabbed a pack of Pop-Tarts, put them in the toaster, and waited until they were finished. Once they were, he grabbed his backpack, snatched his car keys, and left his apartment, making sure to lock the door behind him.

* * * * * * * * * *

After parking his car in the student parking lot of Balamb Central High School, Squall made his way lazily into the school. The sounds of his peers all around him — yelling, talking, complaining, ANYTHING — made his head throb. Not only were the sounds cutting through his head like a knife through a steak, they were annoying. Squall was already anti-social as it was, but right now, he felt like just screaming, "SHUT UP!" and the top of his lungs for all to hear, and nevermind the head pain that would cause.

(I should have stayed home again today...) he thought, regretting that he had struggled out of bed just to come to this hellhole. (Oh well. I'm here. No use worrying about it now.)

He finally reached his locker, after having to push through the crowds of other students that congested the hallways — and the area around his locker. (...This is ridiculous. There should be rules about all these people crowding the hallways and standing in front of peoples' lockers.) He turned the combination quickly, to prevent prying eyes around him from catching his combination. Unluckily for him, his locker was near a cluster of lockers belonging to the popular boys in his school, the jocks, the preps... whatever. And they would constantly give him trouble, mostly for his anti-social and taciturn behaviour. Today, however, they had a meeting for whatever sport it was that was in season and they were in, so they weren't around to bother him.

A blonde-haired girl named Karrin from across the hall muttered something about him to her mini-assembly of friends. He knew it was about him, because he knew she had a crush or something on him. He'd known it since sophomore year. Hell, he was aware that a lot of girls thought he was "hot", but he didn't care. People could think whatever they wanted about him. (...Whatever. You don't even have a chance. You're only wasting your time.) However, his words remained in his head, although he felt he should just say it.

After getting his books for his first few classes, he made his way to his first period class and waited for the bell to ring. And when it did, so began his sick-miserable day back.
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