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Tough finding classes

Aeris sighed. She had circled the Arts & Humanities building three times, but still no luck in finding R-23.

"Excuse me," She called to a passer-by. "You wouldn't happen to know where R-23 is would you?"

"Did you check around the Arts & Humanities building?" The passer-by asked.

"Um, yes," Aeris let out a shaky little sigh and gave the passer-by a helpless grin. "Thanks anyways." Her shoulders slumped. "Why does this university have to be so big?" She wondered. She was tempted to take a breather over on the bench but denied herself that luxury. "No, must perservere. Must find R-23!"

Within a few moments, she spotted a guy with a spiky blonde do approaching from the side.

"Excuse me!" Aeris exclaimed trotting up to him. "You wouldn't happen to know where R-23 is would you? I've been looking everywhere and I can't find it!" And don't say the Arts & Humanities building. Pleeease not again!
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